Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PSP-Works Border Masks

Paint Shop Pro has some really nice edge masks and frames.  As with a lot of the program's standard content, they don't work so well at high resolutions.  I decided I'd try to make some for PSP-Works and these are the results.
Short Terms:

  • You can use this set in your commercial or non-commercial art projects.
    -Attribution is requested for personal, non-commercial use.
    -Attribution is required for commercial use. (Please use http://psp-works.deviantart.com or link directly to this post.)
  • You can republish this set FOR FREE on your website as long as the set stays together and all of the original previews and .txt files are included. (Notification is requested.)
  • You cannot sell the set unmodified.
  • You cannot extract individual contents and distribute those without the documentation.
  • You cannot include the set in a package with other resources unless you include all the relevant credit documents and previews and have the rights to redistribute all of the content.
  • Please notify me by commenting on this post or sending a note to psp-works.deviantart.com

    Full TOU can be viewed here and is included in the zip file.
There is a sample use gallery here.

Larger Preview Below


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