Monday, July 15, 2013

7.13_[old]Paper Composites

RBF_lgtex_7.13._Paper Composites001RBF_lgtex_7.13._Paper Composites002RBF_lgtex_7.13._Paper Composites003

7.13_Paper Composites, a set on Flickr.

7.13_grab bag

RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_016RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_018RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_019RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_020RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_001RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_003
RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_004RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_005RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_006RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_007RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_008RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_009
RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_010RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_011RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_012RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_013RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_015RBF_lgtex_7.13._grab bag_prev_full
RBF_lgtext_7.13_grab bag_prevbigRBF_lgtext_7.13_grab bag_prevsm

7.13_grab bag, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Cleaning out old stuff. These are all random experiments, no particular size or style and not enough to make a set. Usual rules apply.

Ouch again

Short update: This seems to be the year for screwing up my arms.  Last night I banged my (previously uninjured) elbow really hard against the side of a sink.  I've got some old graphic content that will be going up on my flickr account but it may be a while before I make anything or do a tutorial. I'm not sure when I'll be doing zips; it may just be galleries for a while.  Sorry!

Saturday, July 13, 2013