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How To Become a Supporter

Click one of the links below.  The yellow button will take you to Paypal.  The text link will take you to DeviantArt.  Make a one time donation of $10 or more, then comment on this page to request your donation gift.

(If you don't have $10, you can donate a smaller amount and request a gift, but your name will not be added to the Supporters list.  Encompass Rose gladly accepts all donations!)

Why Become a Supporter?

You get your name listed up there at the top. (If you want)

Every donation entitles you to a free gift.  (Either a set of resources exclusively for you, or a specific piece of web art.)  Supporters receive larger gifts.

Supporters will also have access to exclusive, password protected galleries and zip files for as long as the site stays online.  

You never have to renew your support or make additional donations.  (However, if you do make an additional donation, you can request another gift.)

Your donations keep this site ad free and help defray the costs of file hosting, software, and other art materials used in the creation of these resources.  

It's my goal to create a privately hosted website in the next year.  Your support will help make that possible.

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If you prefer not to use Paypal or DA and would like to donate, please contact me either by email (fandombouquet @ gmail [dot] com) or by leaving a comment on this page.

Donation Gifts.  You Need To Comment To Get These.


1 regular icon texture set (100x100) Sets range between 10-15 textures
1 large texture. Colors and type of texture is your choice
1 seamless pattern set (10-15 patterns per set)


1 large icon texture set (100x100) Sets range between 50-75 textures
5 large textures. Colors and type of texture is your choice
5 seamless pattern sets (10-15 patterns per set)

1000 DA POINTS/$10 USD

2 large icon texture set (100x100) Sets range between 50-75 textures.
10 large textures
10 seamless pattern sets (10-15 patterns per set)


For more intensive things like photomanipulation, custom brushes, website graphics or special projects, please send me a message so we can work out pricing. It will rarely be more than 2000 points ($25 USD)


  1. Hello Rose,
    I just donated by Paypal and would be thrilled to receive a link to your file. Thanks. bathens

    1. Thank you. I'm sending you the links I have by email. If you would like a custom request, you can comment to this post or reply to the email I'm sending you.