This is a creative resource and graphic art blog by Rose Fischer, admin of Fandom Bouquet.

All work is (c) Rose B. Fischer and Encompass Rose Design unless otherwise specified.

All resources are provided for free and without obligation.  Some may be used in commercial projects; others may not.    View full terms of use here.

Posting schedule will vary according to my time and how many requests I have pending.

You may use a plain text link:

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Some of my personal artwork or web graphics may be downloaded and used on your website with a link back to http://encompass--rose.blogspot.com.  If there is a signature or watermark on the image, you may not remove it.  If stock photographers are credited in the image description here, you must either credit them or link back to my description post.

By downloading resources or artwork from this site, you agree to these terms.

Encompass Rose Design and Rose B. Fischer endeavor to respect the copyrights of graphic artists and stock providers.  The site is not responsible for any user of this website's violation of stock terms.

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