Friday, September 21, 2012


While I am not "someone's grandfather" or "someone's brother", every one of these labels has been applied to me before. The fact that a lot of them blatantly contradict one another is, to me, indicative of the nature of prejudice and assumptions.

Please do not edit this, but feel free to take and share it if you agree with it. Post it on your blogs, websites, facebook pages, whatever you want. You don't have to credit me, but I would appreciate it if you did.

Note: I know that the phrase "one of them" appears twice.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September Texture Pack 3

  DA Gallery ~Includes Individual Textures and Zip File~ 
  Download on Mediafire ~Zip File Only~
Sample Usage ~Please Link Back If You use any of the artwork on a website~

Sample-September Texture Pack 3

I was a little bored with the similar style of the last two sample image sets, so I decided to do something totally different.  The overlays should give a clear indication of how the textures can be applied and what they'll look like.  The "magic mirror" was...well, not what I was hoping to get, but not bad either.  It was done manually with the selection tool and drop shadows.  There's just one this time because it took a long time and I forgot to save the seamless versions of the textures.  If anyone wants them, I can re-do them and upload them for you.

Stock from

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recent Artwork: Photomanips And Blends

These are my first real attempts at photomanipulation in about 8 years, unless you count a couple of fandom-related ones that I don't have anymore.  Who knows what I'll think of them in a couple of years, but I like them right now.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Billy Alexander: Spreading A Little Happiness

I realized today that many, many of my favorite stock images were created by the same person.  I don't know exactly how I missed that before.  I guess I need to pay closer attention to the usernames of the uploaders on StockExchange and RGBStock.

The artist's name is Billy Alexander.  His galleries are here:

On Stock Exchange
On RGB Stock

His Facebook Page is Here:

Billy Frank Alexander Design

If you're a graphic artist or designer at any level, I hope you'll check them out.  I'm pretty sure you'll see stock you'll like (or have used).

I messaged this gentleman tonight to thank him, and I was rather surprised to receive an email back the same day. He said he was glad to hear such a positive message with his 57th birthday coming  up tomorrow.  (Today now.)

I'm excited that I got to make someone happy who gives so freely to others.  So, Happy 57 again, Mr. Alexander.  I hope it's a good one.

Friday, September 14, 2012

September Texture Pack 2

  DA Gallery ~Includes Individual Textures and Zip File~ 
  Download on Mediafire ~Zip File Only~
Sample Usage ~For example purposes only~

Samples-September Texture Pack 2

Sample Usage Ideas from my September Texture Pack 2
Theme: Rain
Texture Size: 1680x1050
Stock Photographs: Gudhem Church Glass building Stained Glass

Samples are good sized when you click the thumbnails.  Even larger versions are available for download on my DA gallery.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Samples-September Texture Pack 1

Sample Usage Ideas from my September Texture Pack 1
Theme: Rain
Texture Size: 1680x1050
Stock Photographs: Image 1 Image 2, and background

Wednesday, September 5, 2012