Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recent Artwork: Photomanips And Blends

These are my first real attempts at photomanipulation in about 8 years, unless you count a couple of fandom-related ones that I don't have anymore.  Who knows what I'll think of them in a couple of years, but I like them right now.

The Path

The Pinnacle

To me these are about imagination and the potential it has to bring people (and the world in which they live) to great heights.  The Path came about when I was looking around on Stock Exchange for clouds.  Go figure, I cut all the clouds out of the image.  The Pinacle has a different coloring and it's darker, but in my head it's a continuation of The Path...where The Path might lead and how, even at The Pinnacle there are places to explore and room to grow.


Land-The Path
Sky-The Path
Flame-Both Images
Planet-The Pinacle


This was made for a contest on DeviantArt:

I started a couple of other manips for the same contest, but I found both of them too colorful and intense to evoke the emotion I was going for. So this is my third try, and it's kind of a stylistic departure for me.

It was inspired by two of my characters from a novella-in-progress (which hasn't been posted here and I don't know that it will be since it's meant for publication) named Marigold and Diandra.

Stock images:

By Elandria @ DeviantArt
By Falln-Stock @ DeviantArt

By Bekas @ DeviantArt
And me (Not online)

Princess For A Day

 There's one other blend, called "Princess For A Day" but I haven't received permission from the stock photographer to post it here yet, so I'm just including a link to the image on my DA gallery.

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