Friday, September 14, 2012

Samples-September Texture Pack 2

Sample Usage Ideas from my September Texture Pack 2
Theme: Rain
Texture Size: 1680x1050
Stock Photographs: Gudhem Church Glass building Stained Glass

Samples are good sized when you click the thumbnails.  Even larger versions are available for download on my DA gallery.

These images all use the same stock photograph (Credited above)
I used a couple of the textures that were darker and primarily purple.
The only enhancements I did were using the textures, layer blend modes, and standard tools (eraser, smudge brush, magic wand and lasso selections)
These are the same image with primarily the blue textures applied to them.  It gives a whole different look to the stock photo.
And these are the same images with painting effects applied to them, either manually, with plugins (filters) or both.  I did them because I'm experimenting with painting effects right now and this photograph was too good to pass up.

I like these textures for the way they work with metal and sky.  I used this image to the effects they can have on both.  Again, both images are the same stock photograph and the there are no adjustment filters or anything applied, just the textures and some layering.

I stumbled on this photograph while I was looking for a good metal image and I loved it, so I'm including it as a bonus sample.

These are seamless tiling versions of the textures I used in the samples.

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