Saturday, April 13, 2013

4.13_Fun Collage Resource Pack

Alternate Download @ my DA gallery
Textures made using this brush set

*Site Supporters have the option of requesting the link to a bonus pack that contains the textures, plus five bonus brushes, three stripe patterns, and 4 extra accent sheets @ 3600x3600 each.  (Supporters, please remember to leave a comment if you would like the bonus material.)

Details and description below.

If you look around this blog at all, you'll see that I love collages. I love to take simple shapes and patterns and put them together into something cool, unique, and (hopefully) useful.

I've said before that I think stripes work better as an accent than as a whole background, but I do like to take blocks of them and mix them together with other elements. That's what I did to create these textures a couple months ago, and several other sets that I have posted.

I made a set of rectangle brushes in January, and this set of resources was meant to be used in conjunction with them.

These brushes were made in Paint Shop Pro X 5.  The max size is 999x999 px.  I found that a little frustrating, so I left the jpg files in the imagepack at their full resolutions.  Some of them are 2500x2500 and some are 3600x3600 (by request of a friend who wanted ones large enough for scrapbook paper.)

  • These are blocks of stripes for texturing and collages, not individual line brushes.
  • The stripes are plain.  I included the dots and criss-crosses as separate brushes so you can put everything together your own way.
  • I also included a couple variants of the checkered pattern I used in the samples.  If you want full sized check backgrounds, you can download some in this post.
  • The patterns are fairly large, 500x500 px.  In these samples I set the scale to around 30 percent so the squares were smaller.
  • Here is a small preview of one of the brushes:

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