Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Memories Suite Design Samples

I posted last night about a free digital scrapbook software I'm giving away.

I wanted to post some samples for you to show you what the program can do.

I don't have children or any family close by, so I don't do much scrapping.  If I do, it's usually for someone else.  I have a minor obsession with greeting cards, though.  I collect second hand cards from thrift stores and I will never throw out birthday cards or holiday cards of any kind if I can help it.

I think personalized cards make awesome gifts, too, so I make them whenever I can.  These particular cards are gifts for my friends and family that I had been putting off making.

The thank you card was made mainly from resources that come with My Memories Suite.  One of the flowers was from this project I posted about last month.

The Mother's Day Card and Best Friends card were created with MMS elements and this kit called Mother by Snackpackgu.

I have personalized text on the finished gifts; I left most that off the samples for privacy reasons.

There is a gallery below with the full sized card fronts.

Cards in

RBF_MMS_Cardsamples_PublicRBF_Mother's Day Card_Sample_publicRBF_Best Friends Card_Sample_publicRBF_Thank You Card_Sample_public

MMS Design Samples, a set on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
These are samples of things I've created in My Memories Suite v. 4. They are not stock this time, sorry.


  1. The cards are darling! I love how you used the embellishments. You're so creative!

  2. Thanks, Debbie, I'm glad you like them!