Thursday, May 9, 2013

Color Palette Templates

The idea of of the large templates is that you paste an image in the center and use the eye dropper to select colors from it.  They make choosing theme colors a lot more convenient for me.  The smaller palette strips can be used that way or you can just fill with whatever colors you want.  Sorry, I didn't think to make PNGs, but the paint bucket worked fine over the light background in the squares.

RBF_Color Palettle Template_prev

I've had these for a while but I originally did them in PSP X5.  Re-made them today in the older PSP 8 so the layer files should work for most Paint Shop Pro users.
JPGs are included for those using other programs.

The sample image is from here:  It is not included in the download.

This is just a template file, NOT the palettes shown in the preview.

You may use the templates however you like and you may redistribute them FOR FREE on your website or blog as long as everything remains zipped together in one package (including previews and credit information.)

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