Monday, March 18, 2013

PSP and PS Comparison Works: Post 1

I got my new computer this week, and I decided to sign up for a trial of Adobe Creative Cloud.  I've been wanting to see for myself where the differences are between Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop and which performs better at the things I do.  So far, my experiences have been roughly even.

I used the same methods and similar materials to create the backgrounds below:


The first was made in PSP with one of my favorite methods.  The second, which I do like, was an attempt to duplicate the technique in PS.  It's a cool background, but really not what I had been trying to do.

Then there are these:


For the first one, I was just experimenting with Photoshop to see what I could come up with and how the various settings work.  The second one is a totally unsuccessful attempt to duplicate it in Paint Shop Pro with the same methods and as close as I could get to the same materials.  I like it, but it's definitely not the effect I was trying to achieve.  Photoshop's blend mode options and brush settings are a lot more varied.  (I won't say "better" because I haven't used it enough to make a qualified judgement, but there are just a lot more options to work with.)

As a side note, I'm sure could re-create it if I took more time and did it another way, but I was interested in seeing what the result would be if I did everything the same way.

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