Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3.13_Texture Tutorial Four Finished Gallery

RBF_texture_tut_4_extra2RBF_texture_tut_4_ex_6RBF_texture_tut_4_ex_finished 1RBF_texture_tut_4_ex_finished 1bRBF_texture_tut_4_ex_finished 1cRBF_texture_tut_4_ex_finished 2
RBF_texture_tut_4_ex_finished 2bRBF_texture_tut_4_ex_finished 2cRBF_texture_tut_4_extra1

Free for any use. These were done with standard Paint Shop Pro tools only.

Yay! Finally after trying all weekend, I got the result I was looking for. I hope you guys enjoy them. Use them as textures, backgrounds, wallpapers, whatever you like.
Anyway, my arm is doing a little better so I am going to try a tutorial on this over the next week. It will be an intermediate level tutorial--no detailed descriptions or program screenshots this time; sorry, my hand can't handle that much. But if folks like it I may go back and do a beginner level tutorial later on.

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