Friday, March 8, 2013

3.13_high res plasma/cloud textures

I made these primarily for Paint Shop Pro users, but anyone is free to take and use them.

I have used PSP for years and mostly find that it meets my needs. One of the biggest disappointments I have with it is the lack of ability to easily render clouds, which are useful for a lot of my texture resources.

I made a large selection of high res renders in GIMP for an upcoming project. Here are a few of them for your use.

More below, including gallery.

Gallery below via my Flickr account

RBF_basic Plasma_001RBF_basic Plasma_016RBF_basic Plasma_031RBF_basic_clouds_001RBF_basic Plasma_002RBF_basic Plasma_017
RBF_basic Plasma_033RBF_basic_clouds_002RBF_basic Plasma_003RBF_basic Plasma_018RBF_basic Plasma_032RBF_basic_clouds_006
Via Flickr:

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