Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick Tip: File Locations in Paint Shop Pro

This applies to any custom content that you want to make in PSP.

Paint Shop Pro allows users to specify any number of custom locations for their files.  You don't have to have one specific folder for your gradients or brushes, but it's good to know where the files are so that you can back them up or find them if you want to share them.

Since I make content to share online, I create a new subfolder for each set. You don't need to if you will only be making a gradient here or there, but it's good if you plan to make a lot of them or if you download custom content made by others.  Otherwise it will be hard to keep track of where the files are stored and who made them.

  See Ex-1 for a quick overview.  Detailed instructions are below.

  • Go to File>Preferences>File Locations

    In the dialogue box that comes up, you'll see a list of File Types on the left and a list of locations on the right.
  • Choose the type of file you are working with.  I'm using "Gradients" as an example because I am about to make some for another tutorial.

    Some default locations are listed.

    In PSP 8, you'll see something like:
    C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro\Gradients
    C:\Users\USERNAME\ Documents\My PSP 8 Files

    There is a save icon with a circle under it. You Click the circle to choose which directory to use as a default save location for new gradients.   There are also two "folder" icons with checkboxes.  Those are used to enable/disable the folders and to select whether or not to use subfolders.

    In PSP X5, you'll see something like:
    C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel PaintShop Pro X5\Corel_06
    C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Corel PaintShop Pro\15.0\Gradients

    There are two checkboxes underneath.  Those are (again) used to enable the folders or to select whether or not to use subfolders.

    Under that you see a box that says "Save To."
  • Click The "Add" button.  (On the far right in X5; on the top in PSP 8.)
  • In PSP 8, you have to manually type the path of the folder you want to save to. I usually open the folder in another window and copy the path, then paste it in.
  • In PSP X5 you can navigate to the folder you want to save in or create a new one right from the PSP window.

    See Ex-2 For a visual.

    I made a new folder to make some gradients.
  • Remember to change the "Save to" location after you add the new directory path.  I have made this mistake and was all confused when I couldn't find the set of gradients I just made!

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