Saturday, November 3, 2012

Upcoming and Site News

Site News

I've purchased paid file hosting from Mediafire for the next year, so all the zip files will be direct downloads and the links shouldn't expire.  (At least until November 2013).

I've updated my Terms of Use, which you can view here.  Nothing has really changed; I just clarified some things and (hopefully) make it easier for folks to tell which resources are available for commercial use and which are not.

(That issue largely depends on whether I own the copyrights to the original images.  If I don't, I have to abide by the terms of the stock provider who has allowed me to use them.)

Upcoming content


I have a small set of Supporter Exclusive content coming.  I hope folks will like it.  I'm going to try my best to keep any tutorials or exclusive content really unique.

I enjoy making all sorts of textures and resources, including tutorials.  I spend a lot of time on them no matter what the style, but I'm the first to admit that there are a lot of places to find grunge textures or blurry lights.  There's nothing wrong with those.  I use them, and I like making them sometimes.

If my supporters request, those, I'll be happy to do them, but what I want is for the majority of supporter content to unique enough that you don't find them on every resource site.  (Nothing is entirely original or new, but I'm looking for ideas that will show my supporters appreciation.)

I've spent a good deal of time in October waiting around for contractors or hanging out in my bedroom while they worked in my kitchen or bathroom.  (Our landlord is doing building-wide renovations.)  I used that time to poke around and experiment with styles I haven't used in a long time--or haven't used at all.

I came up with some results I thought were pretty good but not what I had in mind for the exclusive set.  So I'll be uploading some of those as free sets in November.

And as you might have seen, I had some inspiration for icon textures.  I'm a big icon person. I love making them.  Somehow I haven't had much inspiration for them in the past year or two.  So I was glad to at least be making those little 100x100 squares of texture.  It felt like home.

There are more of those coming, and I'm going to zip the individual sets in the series.  I'm going to offer a large zip file containing the whole collection.  That will a supporter benefit.


I'm really surprised at how much interest there has been in my recent Paint Shop Pro tutorial.  I have an idea for another one that would be more intensive, probably geared toward the intermediate-advanced end.  Not sure when I'll have it finished, though.

 A lot of them seem to be geared toward explaining how the tutorial writer created a specific image or what settings were used to achieve a particular look.  Again, there's nothing wrong with that, but I find that each image is different, so coloring and lighting tutorials have limited application.  Tutorials on specific images are a wonderful starting place.  I know I've used them before.

I would like any tutorials here to be somewhat broader in application, so that visitors can take what they learn and feel confident that they can apply the techniques to their own artwork instead of making stuff that looks just like mine.  So that's a tall order.  I'll see how it goes in the upcoming weeks.

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