Saturday, November 24, 2012

VM Distortion Example Gallery

Please remember, these are not finished artwork.  All I did was choose a free public domain image and run the filters to give examples of what they can do.  You can click the thumbnails for a better look.

Most of the VM filters have several sliders that greatly vary the effects.

How I use the VM Distortion Collection

Tumbler, The Black Hole, Center Mirror, and Gear are all useful for water effects in photomanipulation.  The Black Hole is probably also useful in space art, but I haven't done much of that so I can't say.

Flip Chop, Mosaic Ripple, and Vision Impossible are good for surreal art and some textures

Radiator, Sausage, Radial Pox, Smallpox, and  Distortion By Transparency are useful abstract art when you want to keep the source colors but not the structures.

Original Image
Full size here on the photographer's Pixabay

The Black Hole
Center Mirror
Vision Impossible
Tiles A Go Go
Radiator 2
Radial Pox
(with a hot wax coating layer)
Flip Chop
Distortion by Transparency
Distortion By Brightness
(Distortion by Hue and Distortion By Saturation are very similar.)
Origami Radial Folder
Mosaic ripple

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