Thursday, December 13, 2012

Public Domain Background textures

I regularly use the site so I decided to upload some textures there. That means this series is public domain, even though the license on the deviation says attribution. You can do whatever you want with them including redistribute. Credit is not necessary but still appreciated, especially if you're going to re-post them.  

As it turned out, of these textures, the only ones that were accepted on Pixabay were the green and red patterned backgrounds.  I'm guessing because those are GIGANTIC, even though they're my least favorite of the entire group.

Oh well.  I'm keeping them up, and will probably be adding more to this post, but I don't know that I will continue to submit them on stock sites.

(As a reminder, not all of my resources are public domain. I rarely ask for credit, but I do still hold the copyrights on them, and I don't normally allow redistribution, so please be aware of the descriptions and licenses in other posts. Thanks.)


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